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Garages are surprisingly one of the most useful rooms within your home. This is due to their useful multipurposeness. The original purpose of garages was to store vehicles, including cars. Despite still being used for this purpose, garages are now commonly used for storage, for keeping tools, for appliances, an additional room, and much more! When it comes to owning a garage, the possibility for creativeness is endless and how you use the garage is completely up to you and your preferences. Garages are usually highly spacious as they are used to store vehicles, so the availability and room for creativity in your garage is substantial.

Without a garage door, there is no garage. A home wouldn’t be a home without secure doors, people could freely walk in and out, so neither would a garage be. Garages commonly are used to store valuable items, including cars, appliances, and even furniture so it’s extremely important to have an efficient door to protect everything that awaits inside. There are many types of highly secure garage doors for your home’s garage. Many of these types come in a variety of materials and styles. In this post, we have carefully selected five of the best styles of garage doors that are available on the market today for the garage of your home.


You’ve taken steps to improve your home so it meets your unique style, but what about your garage door? Your garage door is an important part of the exterior of your home, with the potential to improve curb appeal and show off your personal style, especially with so many different types of garage doors available to consumers today.

Clopay® offers a variety of garage doors that are beautifully crafted, distinct, and complementary to many home styles. The three residential garage door styles offered by Clopay® include traditional raised-panel garage doors, contemporary garage doors and carriage house doors.


Raised-panel garage doors are perfect when you’re seeking a clean, classic look for your home’s exterior. These garage doors are characterized by symmetrical, raised rectangular panels. Clopay® offers raised-panel garage doors in our CLASSIC™ collection, with various options for construction and design including insulated and natural-wood options.


For mid-century modern or modern home styles, contemporary garage doors can provide the clean, functional curb appeal you crave. Clopay® offers contemporary styles through our AVANTE™ collection of aluminum and glass garage doors, our MODERN STEEL™ collection and our RESERVE® WOOD COLLECTION CUSTOM SERIES. Elements of metal, glass and even wood come together in these doors to showcase fresh, efficient design on your home’s exterior.


Carriage house garage doors, known by some as “barn style garage doors”, have a distinctive, rustic look that can stand out and are often the perfect complement to craftsman style or mission style homes, among others. It all depends on your aesthetic preference and your existing home exterior décor.


Your local authorized Clopay® dealer can help you sort through the different garage door styles and prices to help you find the one that’s just what you’re looking for. If you’re not quite sure yet which of these different types of garage doors is right for you, start by looking through our buying guide or using our Door Imagination System™ to style your garage door until you find the perfect fit.

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