Customers often ask us how much an automatic gate costs. This is a valid question but it’s difficult to provide a straightforward answer. Automated gates can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for residential operators, and up to tens of thousands for commercial-grade security gates. When looking at gate automation, there are many things to consider.

What is the cost of an electric gate for a driveway?

Commercial Sliding Gate or Electric Driveway

Residential gates are generally cheaper than commercial ones, as they don’t require the same level of security and communication sophistication as commercial-grade gates. However, we are seeing more people investing in their home security. This means larger gates, better security systems and greater investment in the gate.

Gates & Automation, or Automation Only

If you have an existing gate, automation might be enough. It may be necessary to replace an old gate system or install a new system. We may be able to add automation to an existing gate, but we will need to inspect it first to determine if it is possible.

Slide or swing electric gates

What is the cost of an automatic gate?

A sliding gate may be required depending on the entrance. A sliding gate needs to be able to move along tracks. To function properly, these tracks must be placed on a level surface. Sliding gates are often installed on properties with a limited land area or close to main roads, where they can be used as a functional gate.

Gate Size and Number

This is a simple one. You will pay more for more gates or larger gates. Two gates will be required for driveways that require full coverage. Some driveways require two gates to provide adequate coverage.

Power Options

The power supply that powers the gate is a common factor that people overlook when calculating automatic gate costs. If you don’t have power at the gate, you might need to consider the cost of installing power. Although it is not expensive, your gate will stop working without power.

Solar Power

When trying to reduce the cost of automatic gates, solar power is an option worth considering. Solar-powered gates can reduce energy consumption and help you save money in the long term. This is especially useful for gates that are used frequently throughout the day.

Price range

The cost of a typical residential automatic gate installation will vary depending on these factors. You can get a more advanced system such as intercoms or additional security features for an extra cost starting at $1,500.