Your family, neighbours or anyone in the vicinity can get irritated by a noisy garage door.  Most importantly, a noisy garage door can also be a cause of concern for overall safety of people around the garage door.


It is not necessary for your garage to have a noisy soundtrack. You can enjoy a silent garage door experience if you have a garage door tuned-up and a regular garage door service.

NOTE: If your door is difficult to move, opens very quickly, or if you are unsure, please ensure that you call an expert to fix it to avoid serious injuries and/or health concerns. Stop using and call us at GarageServicePros


Here are eight of the most common causes of garage door noises. It is important to understand what are main causes of noisy garage door. In this article we will cover main causes and 8 ways to fix noisy garage door.


Ways To Fix Noisy Garage Door


Loose nuts and bolts

Loose nuts and bolts can cause issues with garage getting of track or the chain not be able to open the garage door properly.


Unbalanced door or garage door springs

Loud garage door noises can be heard when the door is off balance. And if you hear a loud snap than you may have a broken spring. In those cases where the door is unbalanced or spring is causing an issue, we would recommend to get an expert to get experts from GarageServicePros to get it fixed.


Bent Tracks

A loud rubbing noise can be heard when the garage door is moving. There could be loose screws or rollers that can come undone from a damaged track. Your tracks can be adjusted by a garage door repair specialist.


Broken or Loose Chain

There would be a loud slap sound and noisy door movement when the garage door opener chain is loose. A loose chain can also make rollers hit the track which could make noise.

Poor Lubrication of parts

You may hear a cracking sound and/or squeaking noise if lubrication is not done properly.

Loose Rollers and Hinges

There may be deterioration and squeaking noise for deteriorating hinges so making sure that hinges are replaced could save a lot of time and money rather than replacing the whole door.

Installation Issues

If the garage door is not properly and it might struggle to open and/or close properly. Their maybe intermittent loud grinding, squeaking or rattling sound.

Motor Issues

If the garage door is not opening properly and making popping sound when it opens then it most probably is the the motor, it will most probably need motor replacement and would require it be closed properly. Their maybe intermittent loud grinding, squeaking or rattling sound.



Tightening Bolts or Nuts

Garage doors can have few nuts and bolts to 100’s of bolts and nuts which might need tightening, with the daily use, the attachments can come loose and that can cause issues. Look out for places where there is obvious loose nuts and/or bolts and tighten those nuts or bolts.

When the door is in use then the the door will rattle and will be noisy. To reduce the clatter it takes from few minutes few hours to tighten the bolts. With continual use the attachments can loosen over time. When the door is in use, it will vibrate and rattle loose pieces, which can be noisy.


Replace Nuts or Bolts

It might be that the nuts and bolts need replacement, look for places where there could be issue and add those nuts and bolts in those place. I have shown a link to Amazon which shows all the garage door repair attachment. If unsure about safety, please do not pursue and get a professional to have it fixed.

Mostly, if it seems risky then it is risky and in those situations, it makes sense to get an expert out there to fix a noisy garage door without risking your health.


Lubricate Nuts and Bolts

It might be that the nuts and bolts do not need replacement but still causing a noisy garage door. Look for places where there could be issue and in those places add some lubrication and ensure that those places are free from fiction.


Repair The Rollers

Noisy garage door can be caused by Rollers. The rollers on the door can get wear and tear over time and once it gets older it causes itself to rub against the tracks. This can cause a noisy garage door.



If your metal garage roller door appears to be working correctly but still giving squeaking noise, the track and/or rollers could require lubrication. That is where you can get a regular maintenance visit to ensure right amount of lubrication is used by the technician and you do not damage the plastic and/or nylon rollers.


Fix The Springs

Springs can cause a noisy garage door. The garage door mainly uses two types of springs:  torsion and extension. Depending on the type of spring lubrication would be required.

A very common issue for loud garage door is usually a spring located at tops of the door.

Noisy Garage Door Reason Spring

For you to lubricate the springs, firstly would require to spray lightly with a lubricant which is purpose built for garage doors and spray lightly on with a silicon lubricant or grease purpose built for garage door.

It makes sense to continually lubricate the springs several times in a year or get expert at GarageServicePros to lubricate if you are unsure.


Replace or Fix Hinges

Look for locations where there could be an issue in relation to hinges. It is not recommended to replace the hinges on your own as it is risky and it is highly recommended to get a professional to fix this kind of problem.


I have shown a link to Amazon which shows all the garage door repair attachment. If unsure about safety, please do not pursue and get a professional to have it fixed.

If your hinges appear to be in good shape, you can use a lubricant to grease them yourself. However safety precautions must be taken. You must be wearing gloves to protect your hands before applying lubricant.


Balance the Garage Door

The garage door might not be completely balanced and that can cause a noisy garage door as well. Ensure that the garage comes down in level together.  A lot of time lubrication should be able to fix the issue, in other cases you can look at a guide like this one.

If it seems unsafe or you are unsure, it makes sense to get a professional out there to have it fixed.


Replace the Garage Door Motor

GarageServicePros can replace the motor and it should be done by a professional.


Bent Tracks

GarageServicePros can fix the bent tracks and it should be done by a professional. There are few tutorials which are available on Youtube but it can be risky.




If you feel your noisy garage door’s spring needs maintenance, motor replacement, movement of tracks and replacement of hinges (which are unsafe to remove) than it is best to contact a professional as these parts are under immense pressure and should not be tampered with.

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