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One of the most common things a garage is used for, after parking your car, of course, is storage. Sometimes keeping it organized and uncluttered can be nearly impossible, especially if you’re low on space. An excellent solution to adding storage area to your garage and freeing up some valuable square footage is to take advantage of the unused space above your garage door.

Fortunately, we live in a time where we are able to freely access vast libraries of do-it-yourself information at the touch of a button. Sites like YouTube, Pinterest, and good ol� Google have made the days of spending hours digging through home improvement books or relying on advice from that kid at the hardware store obsolete. There are ideas out there for every skill level, so to get you started in the right direction with this convenient little project, we have found a couple of great tutorials and websites to check out.

14 Products to Maximize Your Overhead Garage Storage

Don’t let the garage space above your head go to waste! Your garage ceiling is a great place to store building supplies, seasonal décor, outdoor furniture, sporting equipment and more. Make sure you maximize this space with some of these helpful products!

Use a Net

Create additional overhead garage storage space when you hang a cargo net from the ceiling and store oddly shaped sporting goods or seasonal decor. You can store light-weight items that would otherwise take up floor space. Check out this inexpensive cargo net. Want to create garage storage on your own?

No Ladders Needed with a Garage Ceiling Storage Lift

No need for a ladder when you can bring the storage down to you with a ceiling storage lift. This ceiling storage lift by Racor is perfect for storing bulky items that would normally take up floor space like outdoor furniture, boxes and totes. Check out another clever overhead garage storage solution that lets you slide bins in and out.

Go Basic

Nothing is more versatile and cost effective as basic coated garage hooks for garage ideas. Screw-in hooks to rafters or ceiling beams to hang anything from bikes to tools — just make sure to install properly and not exceed load recommendations. Garage hooks are great for storing bikes, as are these bike storage solutions.

Garage Storage Lift Systems: Pulleys Ease the Pain

If you own a heavy bike, or lack the strength to lift it over your head, try a ceiling mounted pulley system and let physics ease the effort. This bike lift by Racor is easy to install and use. These are 10 must-have bike accessories you need to add.

Spring-to-Action Claws

Use spring action to grab your bike by mounting a claw-style bike hook on your garage ceiling or rafters. This hook, made by Gladiator, is available at Home Depot. Check out these tips to get your bike in pedaling shape.Buy it now at The Home Depot.

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