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Choosing the right material for your garage door requires a mix of functional, cost and aesthetic considerations. Happily, homeowners have a wide choice of materials and styles available to them, so it’s usually not a problem to find the perfect door for any situation. Overhead Door uses a wide selection of materials, including steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, vinyl and, of course, glass or plastic glazing.

Its natural beauty is undeniable, and different species provide a whole range of looks, including color, grain patterns, and textures. Wood can be carved or milled in various patterns and it can be painted or stained, depending on the homeowner’s preference. You can sand and refinish wood to change its looks, and small chips and dents are easy to repair.

Nonetheless, for an elegant design, nothing surpasses wood. The features flush or rail-and-stile (raised or framed panel) designs. The delivers Amish craftsmanship in a sectional door that looks like a swing-open door. Choices of wood species include hemlock, cedar, and mahogany, as well as paint-grade plywood and hardboard. These doors are popular for carriage-house designs but work equally well with sleek, modern designs.

It must be painted powder-coated or clad to avoid rusting. Steel doors can mimic painted wood ones via stamped-on grain and can be insulated to fight wind, sound and temperature infiltration. The is available in wainscot, raised-panel or long-panel designs. These doors are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel with a double coating of baked-on polyester paint.

The steel doors mimic the wood-grain texture, can receive painted or stained finishes and provide R-values up to 12.76. Aluminum is lighter than steel and can also be made into doors that mimic painted wood. Aluminum resists dents and rust, and good-quality aluminum doors tend to cost more than steel doors.

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Glass panels render aluminum doors of great architectural beauty. Fiberglass doors are perfect for those who want the look of wood in a more durable and less costly material. Fiberglass resists insects and moisture and is less prone to warping than is wood. The consists of steel doors clad in fiberglass and molded to mimic painted or stained wood.

Polyurethane insulation provides an R-value of 7.6. Model 982 – Fiberglass Garage Door Vinyl is an excellent choice for those who prefer a lightweight, material that will provide durable performance year after year. The vinyl doors require little maintenance, as they resist dents and can’t rust. The color goes all the way through the vinyl to minimize the appearance of scratches, and the vinyl is treated with a UV-resistant resin that employs special polymers to keep the door looking new.

There are several garage door materials people gravitate to, including vinyl, wood, composite, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. If you’re replacing your garage door, material quality is of utmost importance. It affects everything from how well-protected your vehicle is to your home’s energy efficiency. This rundown of the best garage door materials can help you make informed decisions.

It is extremely solid. While other garage doors are susceptible to cracks, dents, rust, and other damage, vinyl retains its durability year-round, in practically any environment including coastal areas where salt, sand, and wind can lead to corrosion. Vinyl is also fade-resistant and doesn’t need frequent repainting, although color choices are often limited.For traditional garage doors, wood provides beauty along with classic grain patterns, textures, abundant color choices.

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It can be factory-painted, or you can sand and refinish it as you please. If you’re concerned about dents and small chips, these can be repaired. And wood comes with insulating properties. In fact, it’s a better insulator than steel, and is often treated to resist splitting, warping, and rot.As strong as steel, wood composite materials can include overlays, grooves, and other realistic details for that classic look.

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These garage doors can be stained, painted, or finished in any way you like. Wood composites also resist rot and splitting much more effectively than pure wood. Plus, they often have polystyrene insulation to contribute to energy efficiency.Steel generally costs less than wood, requires little maintenance, and doesn’t need repainting or staining.

Steel is the economical choice and can even be refinished to mimic a wood surface. It isn’t very insulating, but there are stronger insulated products including 25-gauge double-layered steel garage doors. Good insulation can block sound, prevent temperature infiltration, and provide wind-resistance. Even add natural light to your garage with built-in window panels.If you want a garage door that’s lightweight yet less expensive, aluminum is much like steel.

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    Thanks for explaining that fiberglass is a good material if you want a lightweight garage door. My husband and I just bought a home that has an open shed instead of a garage. We’ll use your advice to find a quality lightweight garage door for the shed.

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