Garage Door Security Cameras – Make Your Garage and Property Safer

Everyone would like to make his property safer and less vulnerable to theft and vandalism. People will have different home security priorities and this can also be at times dictated by their budget.  If you are concerned contact a garage service in Ipswich Qld may help.

Security cameras can go a long way to protect the vulnerabilities of a home, and today’s market offers a vast number of security cameras that can be easily installed. All that is needed is a budget for the cameras and a decision on where they should be placed. Cameras pointed at a garage or the driveway leading to it can keep a careful and watchful eye on not only the garage and your vehicles, but also on other things like tools, bikes, and other things that will often be left exposed in and near garages. Some garages are attached to a home and provide direct access to it from the inside of the garage. The security camera installed in the garage will then add an extra layer of security for the home as well. These cameras can also cover any gate that guards the entrance to your driveway, and help to spot people trying to get into your property.

Once you have decided that your garage can do with the extra protection of a security camera, obtain the right equipment and arrange for its installation. Cameras need to be mounted at a height of at least 8 to 10 feet above the ground so that they can be out of reach for anyone trying to damage them. At the same time, this height is good enough to capture details of what the camera sees. Care must be taken to see that cameras do not point at the sun, as then the glare and bright light can make it difficult to view the images that the camera captures. Angle the camera away from the sun, and consider the movement of the sun before you decide the right place for the camera.

A Visual Deterrent Is Sometimes All You Need

Visible cameras make for effective deterrents to burglars and other people with nefarious intentions. At the same time, they can be vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Keeping them hidden can allow you to protect the camera, but this will have to be done with a lot of thought to the area that you need to be covered. Cameras also need to be protected from the elements and must be waterproof, and preferably mounted under roof overhangs or eaves to give them added protection from the sun and rain. Ideally, position your garage security camera in a corner, and at the highest possible point on the wall of the garage that can cover all the areas that you need to be protected.

Test the equipment fully before you complete the installation. Cameras can work on WI-Fi and transmit images to your phone or other monitoring devices. Clean and maintain your cameras at regular intervals so that any images that you get are clear. It is always advisable to have these installations done by professionals so that you can make full use of the added security that they can provide.

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