This article covers 12 Garage door security Tips. A garage is a place not only for cars but also to store household overflows and often time it will have other things stored in it: garden tools, equipment, camping gear for holidays or even larger toolset or workshop, and sometimes even a bike.

Aside from how much valuable stuff in stored in the garage, it is important to have garage door security for safer storage of all those items.

There are common ways that burglars usually enter the garage and this has been covered in another article which prevent garage door break-ins and getting it from being hacked.

These are 12 garage door security tips that you can limit burglars from causing issues in garage door.

12 Garage Door Security Tips

Hand use remote controller for closing and opening garage door

How to keep garage door secure?

1. Keep garage door remote openers secure

If you have a garage door remote, precautions must be taken to keep garage door remove secure and safe. And it is very important to keep the garage door remote in a secure place.

If the garage door remote is is misplaced then make sure that the remote is being exchanged or the settings have changed depending on the remote that you have.

If garage door remote is stolen then get a reputable company like ours not not only we replace garage door remotes, we can also give you some great solutions to ensure safety provided.

Garage Door Remote Garage Door Security

hand pressing a remote control with the door open


2. Keep garage door remote openers out of each out kids, toddlers and pets for garage door security

There have been instances where the kids and pets have opened the garage door by mistake and that has caused burglars to enter and steal from the property.

It is recommended not to leave the garage door remotes on tables and ensure that they are always out of reach of toddlers and pets, it may be even dangerous for them to be around garage if they have a remote.


3. Install a smart garage door opener

Smart garage door openers are very good way and are not only useful for ease of use but also providing garage door security and assurance to everything and everyone at home when you are not at home.

A smart garage door openers can connect to smartphone and/or computer to check and ensure that the door can be open or shut in – in other words, it acts as a saviour for sometimes too busy and absentminded person.

There could be settings initiated on it to auto close it, if the garage door has been left open for a pro-long period.

Smart Garage Door openers for Garage Door Security

4. Update the garage door remote passcode often

If there is a keypad on the outside of the garage door which opens the garage door instead of remote opener, especially in large commercial apartments.

It is very important to ensure that pass codes are changed frequently at least once in a year so that it does not open ways to burglar into the apartment or garage door.


5. Create a secured garage door passcode

If the garage door requires a keypad outside of the garage door which opens the garage door instead of a remote opener, it makes sense to have a password which is not easy to mimic like 1234 or 0123. Even though they are tempting, it is important to note that they are very common.

It might also be tempting to use year of birth or date of birth and you would not want to use them as you can get someone to enter your garage door if that happens

Garage door remote passcode change to keep garage door secured

6. Create a secured garage door passcode

If you have a keypad on the outside of your home that opens the garage instead of a remote opener, make sure to update the passcode often to bolster your garage door security and prevent garage door break in.

It’s tempting to make it something like 1234 so it’s easy to remember, but it’s one of the first number combinations a burglar will try.

7. Do not leave the garage door remote in your vehicle

This is one of the most common mistakes a lot of people do and it may be tempting to leave the garage door remote in the car, but if a burglar breaks into your car, then basically they would have access to your house using the garage door remote which could be a major threat

8. Invest in a keychain remote opener

You can use the remote that you clip on the visor and can get a keychain remote opener that can be left on your keys.

9. Cover or frost the windows

Do not do burglars any favour by providing them view into what is in the garage when the car is not there, this will ensure that non one can see what is happening in the garage.

This will prevent garage door break in.


10. Padlock the throw latch on your garage door if you have a manual door if you are not at home for a longer period

To prevent a garage door hack, it is important to padlock the throw latch of the garage door if it does not has the manual door and if you are not home for prolonged period.

This will reduce the chance of someone try to break into the garage.

Padlock to keep manual garage door secure

11. Continually get the garage door serviced, if there is an issue and do not delay

Every day that you wait for your garage door to be serviced, when it is not secured, each day it increases the chances of getting burglary in your garage, so it makes sense to get that fixed.

Not only garage door service helps with maintaining the garage door but also gives security to your garage door.

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12. Invest in a smart camera and have it placed near the garage so you can see what is happening near it

It is important to know what is happening and it also helps reducing the insurance cost once you have smart cameras set up near the garage door and a lot of solutions nowadays allow integration with the phone/smart device and can be seen from far away when there is a large consistent things happening near the garage door.

There are long term and cost benefits for installing smart camera and for garage door security and prevent garage door break in.

In long term it actually pays for itself so certainly investing in it, not only protects your home but also prevents from garage door break ins