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Whether you are planning to build a new house or you have a replacement project to replace existing garage door, having variety of standard garage door sizes and knowing what should be used will give you a clearer indication on what needs to be done to suit your budget and needs.

For you to cover everything from single garage door size to expansive double standard garage door size, our guide tries to go through both standard garage door sizes in Australia and non-standard dimensions. From this article, you get a deeper understanding on the standard garage door sizes including: standard double car garage door size, standard single car garage door size and non-standard garage door size.

You will also gain insights into the necessary clearance, the type of garage door available for each size category, and we will also share precise tips to measure garage opening for a flawless fit. Additionally, we will go over the dimensions of cars and provide information on the sizes of cars that you may need to fit in. This will help you better understand the required dimensions for your specific needs.

Also having the correct garage door height transcends mere curb appeal—it is important for both operational efficiency and safety as well. With the insights from our guide, you will be very well-prepared to make the right choice which aligns with your requirements, ensuring that you select a garage door that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

Why garage door sizes matter

Firstly, it is important to understand the significance of garage door width cannot be overstated. It is the difference between a snug fit for your vehicle and potential mishaps which could prosper due to incorrect sizes. Proper Australian standard garage door sizing is crucial for smooth access, for maintaining safety standards, and preserving the integrity of both your vehicle and the garage structure.

Determining an ideal single garage door width does involve considering various different types of vehicles you possess, the specific dimensions of your garages entryway, and any unique needs or preferences you might have. Deliberate over these elements to ensure the garage door you pick is the perfect match for your situation.

The realm of garage door sizes is broad, featuring standard sizes, oversized options, and even custom dimensions. To give you a clearer picture, we’ll delve into each category, including the standard garage door size in meters (standard garage door size Australia), to help you find the best fit for your garage.

Standard garage door sizes in Australia

Standard roller door sizes, standard roller door width, particularly in Australia, offer the most common and readily accessible options for homeowners.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into most residential garages, these doors strike an ideal balance between functionality and affordability. For a standard garage door width Australia for single garage doors typically measures 2100mm height x 2400mm width.


Single Garage Door

For double-car garages, the standard double garage door size in Australia generally spans between 2100mm height x 4800mm width to oversized one varying by height and width for e.g. 3100mm height x 4850 width.


These dimensions are crafted to house full-size cars, SUVs, and trucks comfortably. It’s essential to remember that these measurements pertain to the door itself, with the actual space needed for clearance being marginally greater.



Double Garage Door

There is availability of garage door in a variety of materials such as steel, aluminium, wood, and fibreglass, standard garage doors cater to diverse preferences and requirements. Each material brings unique benefits, including durability, insulation qualities, and maintenance needs. When selecting the material for your panel lift door sizes, consider factors like your local climate, budget constraints, and personal taste.

Oversized garage doors

There are plenty of people in Australia with UTEs and SUVs which are generally very high or there is a preference for more spacious accommodation and there is also people who can look at converting there garage area to a small chill out or hang out area. The oversized garage doors exceed standard dimensions, offering increased height and width for extra clearance, making them perfect for housing vans, RVs, and boats.

Oversized Garage Door Sizes Dimensions

Oversized Garage Door

Oversized single garage door can have a dimension of up to 3000mm in width and 3600mm in height. There are few options available online for oversized garage door, one of the links is attached here.

These expansive dimensions provide enhanced flexibility and convenience for homeowners with multiple or larger vehicles, including recreational vehicles, ensuring ample parking space within the garage.

However it is crucial to recognise that installing oversized doors often involves additional structural considerations, such as the integration of structural beams, to ensure safety and stability. The heftier size and weight may require fortifying the garages walls or opting for a more robust garage door opener. Always consult a professional to guarantee that your garage is equipped to safely support an oversized door.

Custom garage door sizes

When standard or oversized options do not align with the proportions of garage opening, custom aluminium doors present a bespoke solution. Custom aluminium garage doors are tailored to your specific needs, crafted to accommodate any unique size or shape, ensuring a perfect fit for any garage.

American style garage doors offer a vast array of design options, materials, and features, providing endless possibilities for customisation. Whether you’re dealing with an irregularly shaped garage opening or seeking a distinctive American style door, opting for a custom size ensures you achieve the precise aesthetic and functionality you envision.

When selecting a custom garage door, it’s crucial to collaborate with a reputable manufacturer or installer. Their expertise in measuring garage doors and guiding you through the design process guarantees a perfect fit and a smooth installation experience.

Factors to consider when choosing a garage door size

In the process of picking out a garage door style, it’s important to consider several factors to secure the best fit and functionality. Keep these critical elements in mind:

  1. Vehicle size

    Consider the standard double garage door size to ensure it can accommodate your current and future vehicles. The chosen garage door size should allow for easy access and ample clearance to avoid any issues.

  2. Garage dimensions

    Accurately measuring the single garage door width and double garage door width and height is crucial. It’s important to consider any potential obstructions or architectural features that could impact the space available for the door’s installation.

  3. Clearance requirements

    Assess the clearance requirements necessary for your vehicles to smoothly enter and exit the garage. Take into account any additional factors like roof racks or antennas that might necessitate extra height clearance.

  4. Safety considerations

    It’s imperative to select a garage door size that not only meets safety requirements but also adheres to building codes. The door should provide sufficient clearance and operate securely to prevent accidents or injuries.

  5. Aesthetic preferences

    Consider the overall appearance and design of your home. Opt for a garage door size that not only fits well but also complements the architectural style of your property, thereby enhancing its curb appeal.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision, ensuring that you select the ideal garage door size tailored to your specific needs.

Measuring for a new garage door


Measuring Standard Garage Door Sizes

Accurate measurements are crucial when ordering a new garage door. To measure your garage opening correctly, follow these steps, adhering to the best practices in measuring garage door dimensions.

  1. Width measurement

    Measure the width of the opening at its widest point. Take measurements from the inside of the structural framing to ensure accuracy, which is a key step in measuring garage roller door sizes. Record the measurement in feet and inches.

    Width Garage Door Standard Size

  2. Height measurement

    Measure the height of the opening from the floor to the lowest point of the header. This step is integral in measuring garage roller door height, and again, record the measurement in meters.

    Garage Door Height Standard Sizes

  3. Side room measurement

    Measure the space on each side of the opening between the edge of the opening and the nearest obstruction. This measurement is important to determine the compatibility with various garage door track system options.

  4. Headroom measurement

    Measure the distance from the top of the opening to the ceiling or any obstructions. This measurement is crucial to ensure there is enough space for the installation of garage door hardware and opener systems.

Enlisting a professional installer to take the measurements for your project is highly recommended. Their expertise ensures that all measurements are precise, factoring in any unique requirements or limitations.

Garage door size options for different types of vehicles

The dimensions of your garage door should align with the vehicle types you own or intend to house in your garage. Below, we outline various common vehicle types alongside the corresponding recommended garage roller door dimensions:

Garage Door Sizes different types of cars

Different Types of Car

  1. Compact cars and sedans

    For compact cars and sedans, a single garage door typically measures either 1550mm height x 1940 mm wide. These dimensions are designed to comfortably accommodate smaller vehicles, allowing for easy access and egress.

    compact car standard size

  2. Mid-sized cars and SUVs

    Owners of mid-sized cars or SUVs should consider double garage doors, which usually come in standard sizes between 1700mm and 1800mm height and 1840mm wide . These larger doors provide the necessary width and height for bigger vehicles.

    SUV Standard Car Size

  3. Trucks and vans

    Trucks and vans often require oversized garage doors to fit their substantial size. The width could could vary from 3000mm up to 7300mm, with heights extending from 2400mm feet to as tall as 3600mm, depending on your specific vehicle dimensions.

    Trucks and Vans Standard Garage Door Sizes

  4. RVs and boats

    For recreational vehicles and boats, the need for oversized garage doors is common. It’s essential to take precise measurements of both the height and width of your vehicle to select the most suitable garage door size.

Keep in mind that while these are standard recommendations, accurate measurements of both your vehicles and the garage opening are critical to ensure a perfect fit for your garage door.

Common garage door size misconceptions

Dispelling common misconceptions about garage door sizes is crucial. Let’s address and clarify some of these myths:

  1. All garage doors are the same size 

    The ‘one size fits all’ myth is simply not accurate and it all depends the requirement of a specific family and size of cars. Garage doors are available in a wide array of sizes to suit various types of vehicles and garage openings. So it is essential to select an appropriate size is vital for meeting your unique requirements.

  2. Garage door sizes are standardised worldwide

    Although the industry does have standard sizes, garage door dimensions can differ based on regional and national standards. Consulting with local garage door professionals is key, as they understand the specific sizing needs of your area.

  3. Increasing the size of the garage door will increase the value of your home

    Enhancing your home’s curb appeal can be achieved with a well-selected and expertly installed garage door, but merely increasing its size does not guarantee increasing value. The quality of materials, aesthetic design, and functional efficiency are also critical factors.

  4. Garage door sizes cannot be customised

    Contrary to belief, a ‘custom size’ garage door is entirely possible. Manufacturers can create custom garage doors tailored to any unique size or design preference, offering a bespoke solution for unconventional dimensions.

Garage door size regulations and building codes

Garage door dimensions are subject to building codes, which are designed to ensure both safety and functionality. These codes can vary by location, making it essential to seek advice from local authorities or professional installers to guarantee that your garage door is compliant.

Building codes generally mandate minimum clearance requirements for the height and width of garage doors. These regulations are in place to mitigate accidents, facilitate safe vehicle movement, and accommodate the necessary space for garage door mechanisms and openers.

Additionally, building codes may stipulate requirements for fire-rated doors, wind-load specifications, and insulation standards. It’s imperative to acquaint yourself with the building codes in your area to ensure your garage door adheres to all the necessary regulations.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Selecting the ideal garage door size is crucial for optimal functionality and aesthetics. By exploring the various size options, precisely measuring your garage opening, and taking into account factors like vehicle dimensions and clearance necessities, you can choose a door that complements both the look and use of your space.

For easier check and information we have also created garage door sizes chart

Garage Door Type Standard Height Standard Width
Single Door 2100mm 2400mm
Double Door 2100mm 4800mm
Oversized Double 2200mm- 3100mm 4850-5500mm

Whether you’re considering a standard, oversized, or custom garage door, professional consultation is key to guarantee smooth installation and adherence to building codes. A garage door that’s well-selected not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also offers convenience, security, and peace of mind.

The array of garage door sizes need not be daunting. Armed with insights from this detailed guide, you’re equipped to discover the perfect garage door that satisfies your requirements. Measure with precision, make a thoughtful selection, and relish the advantages of a garage door that’s just the right fit.

Keep in mind, if uncertainties or queries arise, it’s always prudent to engage with a garage door professional who can dispense specialised guidance tailored to your unique needs and specifications.

Also always remember to consult a professional garage door repairs in brisbane or technician if you’re unsure how to address garage door opening by itself in middle of nigh, as they can provide expert guidance and assistance.



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