This article will discuss high lift garage door conversion. We’ll go over the advantages, measurement techniques, and DIY conversion procedures. A high lift garage door conversion might not be the best option for you. Perhaps you are undecided whether to complete the task yourself or hire a professional service. Hopefully, after reading the details provided below, all of your queries will be addressed.


What is high lift garage door conversion?



You may be sacrificing vertical space in your garage if you have a normal garage door installed in brisbane but the ceiling is higher than average. You keep the same garage door because you are merely converting it, and you will only be extending the existing garage door tracks. The track is moved closer to the ceiling during a high lift garage door conversion, providing extra clearance.

You will need twelve inches of clearance for installing the equipment (such as drums, spring bars, end bearing plates, etc.) in addition to the desired clearance height to complete a high lift garage door conversion nearby. The installation won’t work if there is less than a foot of clearance.

With a high lift garage door, the track is extended to allow the door to hug the wall and rise higher before the horizontal curve. By extending the garage door track closer to the ceiling, it makes better use of the available vertical space in your garage and gives you at least 12 to 15 inches additional headroom.


Why Might You Need a High Lift Garage Door Near You?

Your garage’s ceiling space is important real estate that you can make good use of.

There are a few clear applications for a high lift garage door.

You’ll need as much clearance as you can if you want to install a car lift in your garage.

The typical garage has 10′ ceilings, which can normally hold two automobiles stacked vertically.

Obviously, an SUV or pickup truck cannot be used for this. Nonetheless, you may park a sports car and the majority of sedans side by side in this space.

Installing a two- or four-post car lift is the main justification for upgrading a regular garage door to a high lift. They are certainly something you’ve seen at the mechanic; the vehicle is driven onto a platform and raised into the air.

You can easily perform maintenance on your car by installing a car lift. But more crucially, it will support two automobiles stacked on top of one another, allowing one to leave the driveway and benefit from improved winter protection. When the second car is parked below, one is elevated on the platform.

You might prefer to use the additional vertical space in your garage for storage rather than adding more automobiles, depending on your needs.

What is Included in a High Lift Garage Door Kit?

Your garage door moves along the track differently if it has a high lift. If you give it some thought, you’re actually causing the door to move further up before moving back down. An example of the kit is shown in this amazon link. Although slightly different, but of the components are same.

Because of the varied type of stress this places on the pieces, some of them must be modified.

  • The garage track: Depending on your garage, each installation will be unique. In my situation, my garage has 10-foot ceilings, but usually garage door track is only about 7 1/2 feet high. With the high-lift kit installed, you could gain an additional 24 inches of headroom. That indicates that you will require two extra feet of track than you already have.

The torsion spring and garage door opener are less stressed when the track is not straight up and down.

Generally speaking, a new garage door opener is required if you are adding more vertical track than 12 to 15 inches.

  • Torsion spring: You must replace the torsion spring with a stronger duty spring unless your builder grossly underestimated the weight of your garage door. The hard lifting is done by the torsion spring (pun intended). Your garage door needs to open smoothly, thus it needs to be balanced properly.
  • Drums: As the garage door opens and closes, the cable coils around the garage door’s drums.

Without getting too technical, the door is travelling more up and down than it is back and forth.

  • Cables: To maintain a constant tension on the wire, the cable must be wound around the drum in a different way every time. This implies that they too require replacement.

You’ll also receive new cables, spring bars, and bear plates as part of the procedure. These are only standard replacement parts for your outdated hardware.



What Does a High Lift Garage Door Conversion Cost?

If you’re the do-it-yourself type, you could be tempted to save money here by simply purchasing an additional piece of track and manually splicing it in.

At gargeservicepros we do not advise on doing that. Doing things correctly will cost a little extra, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

The parts for a high lift garage door kit should cost between in Australia for between $300 and $500, and the labour should cost an additional $300 to $400. You can call in for garage door conversion in brisbane.

Safety Considerations for Your High Lift Garage Door Conversion

The torsion springs need to be changed in order to convert a door into a high lift. These springs are extremely tight; if you attempt to replace them without using the correct safety precautions or tools, you run a serious risk of injuring yourself. By ignoring safety procedures, people have been known to cause damage to property and, in the worst cases, break or lose fingers, limbs, and even their lives. If you are unsure of your abilities to complete this work, spend a little more money, be safe, and contact a garage door expert.



Maintaining High Lift Garage Door

If you already have high lift garage door installed; you need to maintain it properly.

Many moving elements make up garage door mechanisms; if any of them break, the door may not be able to open or close. We’ve talked about the risks associated with garage door springs, and if they break, they could cause property damage or hurt you or a loved one.

Regular lubrication is essential for the smooth operation of garage doors, whether they are standard or high-lift. Friction, which is the main reason garage doors wear out, will be avoided. The sound of metal scraping against metal is rather audible, so you’ll know right away if your high-lift garage door needs lubrication!

These are the key areas that need your attention when you perform routine maintenance on your high-lift garage door.

  • Tracks – The only maintenance required for your garage door tracks is to keep them clear of anything that can obstruct the motion of the rollers. The only maintenance required is the occasional wiping of the tracks’ length using a moist cloth.
  • Rollers and hinges – Depending on the material they are made of, your garage door rollers and hinges will require different maintenance. If your rollers are nylon, you only need to lube the inner bearings. Just make sure to wipe any extra oil off the nylon before doing so. All the parts of high-lift garage doors with metal rollers can be lubricated, but remember to wipe off any excess so it doesn’t drip on your garage floor or your car.

If the door hinges are made of plastic, simply wipe them down with a moist cloth. If they are made of metal, simply add some oil to the pivot points.

After doing your maintenance and lubricating or cleaning all the parts, raise and lower the high lift garage door a few times. This will spread the lubricant uniformly and show you if there are any further problems that might need to be fixed.



High lift garage door conversion can provide you extra space that you will need and that will in turn provide you space to put in additional item. The conversion kit and conversion process does not require to replace existing garage door. But requires a person who understands safety requirements and is a DIY expert. If you are unsure, please feel free to reach out to garageservicepros for installing high lift garage door.

For video tutorial on what is involved in garage door high lift conversion. We advise watching this video:




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