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The real estate market in Brisbane Qld fluctuates now and then. You need to wait for the right opportunity to sell your house. As a seller, you would always want to get maximum value for your home. But the person who buys it should also get an excellent first impression.

What are you doing to create that positive first impression? Does your house look old and used for years? If that’s the way it is, you may not get good value even when the market is up.

Garage Door MaintenanceHome improvement ideas to increase your home’s value

There’s no need for a total home makeover before selling it. You may end up spending more than you earn. Instead, you can tweak a few things here and there to improve your home’s value. Here are a few home improvement ideas that you can follow:

1. Add a deck

Most people don’t make the most of their backyard. With outdoor living spaces becoming increasingly desirable, you can add a deck to increase the value of your house. According to HGTV, homeowners in Brisbane Qld can recoup as much as 90% of their investment if they add a deck. The cost to add a deck, though, varies, depending on its size. A new deck in Brisbane may cost you approximately A$8000 to A$10000.

You can invest in a smaller deck to save a little more. Alternatively, you can save almost half of this money if you build the deck yourself. It is better to compare the prices of all the options before adding the deck.

2. Remodel the kitchen

Remodel the kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the old kitchen down and build it again. Most buyers want to see a neat, tidy, and spacious kitchen, that’s all. HGTV believes that you can recoup almost 120% of your investment in kitchen remodels while selling the house. The best way to make a few changes, yet, make it look spacious, is by adding hanging cabinets.

A cluttered kitchen doesn’t look good, whether it is new or old. You don’t have to make your kitchen look fancy if you live in a neighborhood that has average-income residents. Buyers won’t show any interest in buying your house if they have to pay more for a deluxe kitchen. Installing hanging cabinets, painting the kitchen walls, removing any smoke spots on the ceiling, and repairing the broken tiles or marble on the floor can go a long way to making the kitchen look far better than before.

3. Improve the bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is another room in the house that most buyers will check thoroughly. While kitchen remodels can recoup approximately 120% of your investment, bathroom improvements can bring in over 130%. Ideally, you should have two bathrooms in your house. If you have only one, you should consider adding another one by converting one of the smaller rooms. Sacrificing the storeroom is not a big deal if you can impress prospective buyers with an additional bathroom.

If you already have two bathrooms, you should look to make them cleaner and provide more space. Again, to increase the space in the bathroom, consider installing hanging cabinets. A couple of hanging cabinets can free up the entire floor space of your bathrooms. Apart from the cabinets, you should also make sure there are no chipped tiles on the floor. If you find any, get them repaired before the first open house.

4. Add another room

Adding extra square footage to your house can work wonders. It will increase the value of your home by almost 125%. But that doesn’t mean you should change the garage into an additional bedroom. The best way to increase square footage is by making the most of the basement. Convert it into a man cave. The basement usually becomes the storage area for almost anything that you don’t have value for in your house. Throw them away and remodel it into a man cave.

Prospective buyers would notice that they have another room in the house. Whether they need the man cave or not, that’s not your lookout, but the extra living space can increase your home’s value.

When it comes to home improvements, less is more sometimes. Set a budget first before making these changes.

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