5 Home Security Tips

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While Brisbane Qld is a great place to live, it is not immune to burglaries and unlawful entries.  Alluring properties, in particular, are vulnerable to break-ins. According to the Qld government crime statistics,  there have been more than 4000 unlawful entries during 2019 alone. Now, whether you are part of these statistics or if you simply want to be prepared, here are 5 home security tips to consider implementing today.  Check this out.

1. Assess The Yard For Easy Access Points

For the most part, criminals try to go in with a plan. This means they take the time to research your house from every angle they can get. And the point is to find the most vulnerable areas in and around the property. Once they find this entry point, they will exploit it.

As a homeowner that wants to remain safe, you have to be several steps ahead. Hence the reason for doing several assessments yourself. Take note of areas that could make it easier for burglars to gain entry. Then try to reinforce or secure these areas.

2. Be Vigilant About Suspicious Vehicles/People

When you live in a quiet neighbourhood where bad things do not typically happen, it is very easy to look past important details. For example, an unfamiliar or suspicious vehicle that constantly shows up can be criminals in search of a target.

Of course, nobody is saying you should turn into a paranoid person. But your sixth sense can be very helpful if you stay vigilant about new people or vehicles in the neighbourhood. And if you are really suspicious, alert authorities with details.

3. Install A Security System

There is an array of security systems you can install at your home. Some are more advanced and sophisticated than others, but a basic system is better than no system at all. In some situations, the presence of a security system can motivate burglars to skip the home altogether.

Always remember that burglars measure the risk against the reward. By creating more risk, you could well deter criminals from even considering your property in the first place. This is another good reason for assessing the exterior area of the house because it helps to determine the size of the system you need.

4. Become Part Of Neighbourhood Watch

To participate in neighbourhood watch does not necessarily mean you have to get social. Even though it presents a great opportunity to learn more about the people living around you, anti-social homeowners can choose to keep their part professionals. In other words, reporting any strange behaviour by individuals not typically seen in the neighbourhood is pretty much what is expected.

At the same time, you enjoy the fact that your neighbours will take notice if someone unfamiliar is near or at your home. But if the community does not know you or your living arrangements, they cannot help you stay vigilant and safe.

5. Keep Locks Up To Date

Make no mistake; criminals do not stagnate when it comes to lock-picking techniques. The good news is that professionals in the lock industry continue to develop more sophisticated systems that are more challenging to crack. But you have to stay up to date with the latest systems in order to utilise them at your home.

Criminals can be determined and persistent. The moment they spot a weakness, such as out-dated locks and strict routines, they use it to their advantage. So, try to mix up routines and shop for new locks every two or three years, just to stay safe.

Of course, there are no guarantees that you can prevent unlawful entries into your property. But you can reduce the odds of criminals being successful.

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  1. Curtis Butler

    I didn’t know that a variety of security systems could be used to help keep your home safe. My wife and I would like to install a CCTV system before we go on vacation next week. We’ll be sure to consider our options as we look for a system that works for us.

  2. Darrien Hansen

    I’m glad that you explained that you should consider utilizing a security system for your home. I would like to find a way to protect my house when I am at work. Maybe I should set up a security system to keep my property safe.

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