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As we wrote previously, garage doors can be made from materials such as wood, wood lookalikes, steel, glass and more. Each product has a different price as well as certain ‘pros and cons’ depending on specific circumstances. So when you’re choosing a new garage door, decide which building material best complements your home, lifestyle, location, and budget. Keep in mind that regional weather conditions, neighborhood HOA regulations, or special city ordinances might also impact your decision.

How Much Do Glass Garage Doors Cost?

Aluminum garage doors are usually found in coastal areas where there is plenty of humidity and salt in the air. Aluminum is naturally resistant to the corrosion caused by these materials. Homeowners in need of an inexpensive, lightweight and simple garage door often look to aluminum as an affordable and easy-to-use option.

The Costs

  • The average minimum cost of aluminum garage doors is $838.
  • The average maximum cost of aluminum garage doors is $1,359.

Aluminum is a low-cost metal that is plentiful in supply, and garage doors made in this material are readily available through contractors as well as home improvement stores. The standard size of aluminum garage door measures 9X7 feet. In addition to the garage door itself, homeowners selecting this type of home project will incur some additional costs. Supplies such as mounting hardware and springs add an average of $124 to the project. The typical aluminum garage door takes an average of three hours to install, and labor fees cost an average of $30 per hour. If the homeowner needs an aluminum garage door of double width or of extra height, the cost of the door and installation will be higher. A garage door opener is not included when an aluminum garage door is purchased. Homeowners who need an automatic garage door opener will pay added fees for the unit and its installation.


Aluminum garage doors typically have flat panels that offer a shiny finish. They are not painted or often embossed. The aluminum panels of the door can vary in thickness. The thickness of the aluminum is the basis of how the garage door is graded. Most garage doors are created from the H or T grades of aluminum. The higher the grade, the more the garage door will cost. The grades of aluminum garage doors include:

  • F: This is solid aluminum as fabricated
  • H1: This aluminum is hardened without heat treatment
  • H2: Aluminum of this designation is hardened and partly annealed
  • H3: This type of aluminum is hardened using low-temperature heating. It is fully annealed
  • O: This is soft but annealed aluminum
  • T1 through T10: These grades are heat treated, cold worked and aged for various amounts of time. The longer the aging, the higher the number.
  • W: This aluminum is heat-treated but not aged or cold worked

Styles of aluminum garage doors include:

  • Vertical Panels: These panels are flush and are typically left with a shiny finish.
  • Horizontal Panels: This is the most common style of aluminum garage door. The panels of aluminum are affixed to a lightweight steel frame.
  • Opaque Glass: This type of aluminum garage door includes opaque glass windows that allow light to filter through the garage door while maintaining privacy for the homeowner.

There are many companies that manufacture aluminum garage doors. Some of the most popular brands include Overhead Garage Door, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, Arm-R-Lite Door and Raynor.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors offer many advantages, the most popular of which is their low cost. These doors can last for a long time and are not susceptible to the effects of rust or insect infestations. When the door gets dirty, the homeowner just needs to wash it with soap and water. If the automatic garage door opener breaks down or there is a power outage, an aluminum garage door is easy to lift up manually. Aluminum garage doors do not require any regular maintenance such as sealing or painting.

While aluminum garage doors are a good choice in many parts of the country and for homes with a contemporary styling, there are some drawbacks to selecting this type of material for a garage door. Aluminum garage doors are difficult to paint and come in a limited number of finishes and colors. Because aluminum is a soft metal, it is easily dented or scratched. Since aluminum garage doors are relatively uncommon, finding replacement parts may be challenging. Aluminum is less energy-efficient than steel, wood and insulated fiberglass garage doors. When exposed to corrosive acids, aluminum can oxidize and develop white stains and pits. Water also leaves spots on the surface of aluminum. Aluminum may not be a good choice for homes that are created with a classic styling such as colonial or brick homes because the material may seem out of place. The look of aluminum cannot be changed. If a panel is damaged, the entire door may need to be replaced.

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