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Automatic garage doors have cables on each side to lift and lower the door without too much effort. Although these cables are quite durable, wear and tear can take their toll. It often causes cables to snap, fray, or even lose tension.

Scheduling commercial door repair is so important because you may not be aware that you already have broken cables. Replacing your torsion spring cables is necessary in such cases. Not only do you prevent further damage to your garage door, but repair also prevents dangerous accidents, such as garage doors slamming shut or getting stuck.

How to Tighten a Loose Garage Door Cable

Automatic garage door openers make getting in and out of your garage easy, although the machinery does require periodic maintenance to ensure proper operation. A loose garage door cable is not difficult to deal with, but you will need a few key tools to tighten it properly. If you need assistance with your garage door repairs, contact an experienced repairman or garage door specialist.

Step 1

The door opener should have a rope attached to the garage door mechanism. Pull this rope to release the door opener from the drive chain.

Step 2

When the door is lowered, the springs that raise the door are under tension. Raise the door to release the tension.

Step 3

Attach two c-clamps against the door’s track just below the roller closest to the bottom of the door to make sure the door doesn’t move while you’re working on it.

Step 4

Disconnect the cable. The cable should be attached to the garage door frame above the doorway. One end wraps around the rollers and around and will be attached with a clip or hook to the frame near the doorway. There should also be a frame with several holes in it. Disconnect the end of the wire and move it further down the frame, reconnecting it in a hole so that the wire is no longer loose.

Step 5

Adjust the cable bracket. If there is still too much slack on the cable, you can use your pliers to adjust the bracket holding the wire to the hook that attached to the frame. Use your pliers to loosen the bracket, pull the excess cable through the bracket and re-tighten. Reattach the wire to the frame with the hook.

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