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Imagine this: you’re coming home from work or picking up the kids at school. You’re pulling into the driveway but have to stop when you find out the garage door won’t open up. Or you’re trying to get to bed and the door decides it won’t bring itself down, leaving your garage vulnerable to the elements. Garage door components can break down any time of the year, making emergency garage door repair situations incredibly inconvenient. Here are four things to keep in mind when you’ve got an emergency garage door situation on your hands and the emergency services in Edmonton that can get you back on your feet.

5 Ways to Avoid Garage Door Emergencies

Not all garage door emergencies are alike. An emergency may happen when the garage door springs or cables snap, the tracks become damaged, the panel is ruined or the rollers pop off. The consequences of such problems? The garage door will get stuck, won’t open, won’t close, or will be totally damaged. No scenario is good. These are all emergencies and often not solved with garage door repairs. There’s often a need for garage door replacement or expensive servicing while such problems may take a toll on your safety or your home security. We are ready to tell you that there’s absolutely no need for you to let things get out of hand and take risks. These are the 5 perfectly reasonable ways to avoid garage door emergencies.

Get garage door repairs before emergencies happen

Why wait till an emergency happens when you can get garage door repair at any time? The wise thing to do is to contact a garage door company the minute you realize there’s a problem. This might be in the form of loud noises, stickiness, or erratic behavior. Any change you notice in the way the garage door runs and any noise you hear that wasn’t there yesterday are all signs of problems. We are sorry to inform you that no problem goes away on its own. Quite the contrary. They only get worse. Now, the secret to avoid a garage door emergency is to call a tech as soon as you notice a problem.

Garage door maintenance goes a long way

It’s good to assign the garage door maintenance to a professional and on aGarage door maintenance regular basis. If you have the garage door tuned-up once every six years, you won’t need maintenance but repairs. The point is to have this preventive garage door service done before you face major problems. There’ll always be some minor issues. After all, as garage doors get older and older, they wear. By keeping them maintained soon after the garage door installation, you will be able to keep them in mint condition for a longer time. The whole point of this service is to detect the minor glitches and fix them before they become serious problems. The service also involves adjustments, garage door balance testing, lubrication, and all these little but so important steps that make the performance good and safe.

Pay attention to the garage door springs & tracks

All garage door parts are important. Even the tiny hinges and brackets play a vital role in the way the garage door works. And naturally, the good performance of the garage door opener ensures the good automatic operation. But when the springs snap, someone might get hurt. Or the property might get damaged. And the garage door will either sag to the side or won’t open at all. If the springs break when the garage door is in its opening position, it will be a disaster for whomever and whichever object is under the door. And so, getting garage door springs repair before a small problem becomes major is of the essence.

Why should you pay attention to the garage door tracks? Because they get filthy. And when they do, the garage door rollers stop moving. And so, the garage door gets jammed. Tracks are major parts and might also get misaligned – when their fasteners are loose. In this case, the garage door will be jammed. And such problems are urgent.

Visual garage door inspection is of the essence

To have small problems fixed before they become big, you need to pay attention to the way the garage door moves and works. This is easier to say than done. Not that this task is difficult. But nobody really remembers to do so or has the time to visually inspect the garage door cables, the springs, the noise, or the tracks.

Make the right decisions when it comes to the garage door

You’ll be called to make some decisions about your garage door over theGarage Door Repairs years. And what you decide today will make a difference to the garage door operation tomorrow. One of the most serious decisions – apart from choosing a garage door – is to select a garage door opener replacement. This is a hard task. Not only are there many openers out there but evolve very quickly too. It’s important that you pay attention to the garage door motor power and the features of the opener to ensure your requirements in terms of security and safety are all met. Aside from the opener, you will need to have other parts replaced too. And you need to remember that the garage door weight and size always matter. And not all garage doors are the same. You won’t need the same rollers, tracks, or springs for single and double garage doors. Nor for rollup and sectional garage doors. And so, you need to be very careful.

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