We have seen the garage door not going up completely few times for our customers. We have figured out and put in most common issues that causes the problem and what causes the issue. So what usually happens is that sometimes garage door is opened using a button on the wall or remote in the car, the door goes up about one foot but then stops.

Once, it is stopped sometimes the door opener flash and beeps five-six times and when the button it pushed again, the door completely closes and then stops. The door opener flashing depends on the type of garage door and it can be seen in the guide.

We have covered various other articles: how to fix noisy garage doors, cost of springs replacement and various other information on garage door springs. In this article we cover how to fix garage door that won’t go up all the way.

Shown in the article are few of the common problems and fixes to fix this problem.

  • First cause of this problem is that the door has some type of obstruction. On the interior and the outside, check the doors top and both of its sides. Inspect the main drive real between the garage door opener and the garage door as well as the garage door for any obstacles. There were no obstacles in my situation. The door opener needs to be adjusted, which is another factor that could contribute to this issue. Simply unplug the door opener, wait a few seconds, and then re-plug it in. This could solve the problem in some situations:
  • Second cause of this problem is the door could be binding. This can be due to the wheels or the wheel track on either side of the door not having the proper lubrication. First apply some aerosol spray lubricant on all the moving parts of each wheel. Apply in the places shown in the image. next take some general purpose grease and apply it to the outer wheel surface of each wheel.
  • Other issue which could possible is one of the wires shown below may have been damaged that could contribute to this issue. On each side, these wires extend from the top of the door to its bottom. You’ll need to prepare for the wires with the door closed in order to adequately scrutinise them. Additionally, check the tightness on both cables.
  • Another thing that can cause this problem is either the travel distance or force adjustment on the garage door opener is out of adjustment. Some will have adjustments located on the back that you can make with your finger. Some will have adjustments located on the back that you can make with a screwdriver. Some will have adjustments located on the side that you can make with a screwdriver. Whichever type you have, you’ll need the owner’s manual to make the proper adjustments.
  • Another thing that can cause this problem is a broken door spring. If your garage door is 16 feet or wider you’ll have 2 separate springs. The purpose of these heavy duty Springs is to store mechanical energy which helps with the door to properly inspect the springs you’ll need to inspect them with the door holes upon inspection of the springs. As shown in the image, the spring is broken.
garage-door-that-won't-open-broken-spring garage-door-open-with-broken-torsion-spring

How long does garage door spring last for?

The typical garage door shuts and opens several times; if fitted properly, it should survive for roughly 10,000 opening and closing cycles. Accordingly, if you only use your garage once a day, a new spring should last for roughly 14 years before breaking. If you have multiple springs and one of them breaks, you must replace all of them at once, that allows the springs to be fixed. We always advise to have your garage door fixed by a professional.

Can you replace garage door spring on your own?

Even though you can replace the garage door springs but most garage doors require specialised tools and a process that allows for safe garage door spring replacement. Also, people have been seriously injured and even killed trying to replace garage door springs. Trust me when we advise this, trying to do this job yourself to save a few bucks is a bad idea.

How much does it cost to pay for replacing garage door spring?

We have covered in the article:


Instead, hire a professional for garage door repairs in brisbane that does it all the time who has the necessary knowledge, skill and special tools. I hope you found this helpful and if you liked this article.