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Your home gets one chance to make a good first impression—and it does so largely with its garage door. In fact, research shows that when it comes to curb appeal, investing in a solid, spiffy-looking garage door matters more than various other exterior improvements you could undertake. The benefits of installing a new garage door go well beyond a fresh new facade, though. If you’ve been stalling on an upgrade, read on! You’ll learn why now’s the time to invest in this fast, affordable upgrade that can boost resale value, save you money, and make your life a little easier in the months and years to come.

How Garage Doors Increase Home Value

A garage door can last for decades in your home, but replacing an old, worn-out door can drastically increase the value of your home. Besides the fact that a garage door return on investment (ROI) is much higher than other home renovations, it will also provide invaluable benefits, like energy efficiency and security, to your living space.

While the price to replace your garage door depends on a variety of factors, you can customize your order to accommodate your budget and design needs. This guide will help you find out how a new garage door will increase the value of your home.


A garage door can add value to your house, especially if you’ve been having problems with it. In the Olympia Peninsula, a garage door replacement has an ROI of 117.1%. As the second most valuable home improvement you can make this year, the cost to replace your garage door pays for itself. Whether you plan on putting your house on the market or you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, investing in a new garage door is a smart, cost-effective choice.

More than two-thirds of REALTORS® suggest you can sell your home faster with a new garage door. When the exterior of your house is fresh and clean, it invites potential homebuyers to take a look inside. Since this part of your living space takes up a significant portion of the exterior, you should upgrade it to make an appealing first impression on your guests.


Does a new garage door increase your home’s value? Besides monetary profit, this upgrade enhances the quality of your living space in other ways. You can have sturdy protection for your garage and the rest of your home by making this simple change to your property. Along with security and safety, you’ll have a stable door that opens and closes when you need it.


Thieves can easily break into a garage through old doors with worn-out locks or predictable access code systems. If they can break into your garage, they can access the central area of your home. Newer garage doors and openers have rolling code technology that sends a randomly generated password to your phone each time you try opening the door. These models also have reliable, secure locking systems to keep out unwanted visitors.


Most attached garages are uninsulated, but since they often share a wall with the interior of the home, they can affect the whole house’s temperature. To help you save on heating and cooling costs, garage door manufacturers create their new products from the highest-quality materials with an extra layer of insulation. If you have insulation on your door, it will preserve the temperature of this living area.

Invest in a garage door with a high R-value, so you can keep your living space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. An insulated version regulates the airflow of your garage and the rest of your house by sealing air leaks. You could also increase the energy efficiency of your garage by weatherstripping any windows or doors you have throughout this part of your home.


The curb appeal of your house is an essential factor in whether or not it sells. When a potential homebuyer pulls up to your property, the first thing they notice is the outside appearance. To enhance the aesthetic of your house, consider upgrading your garage door to complement the colors and the overall theme of your living space. With a custom garage door, you choose the style, material and size of its appearance.

A worn-out garage door gives visitors the impression that you don’t care about your property. Dents or missing panels can also make your door dangerous to use. If you update this feature of your living space, you can make the rest of the property look brand-new. Your neighbors will appreciate having an aesthetically pleasing house on the block, instead of one that drags down the appearance of the area.


New garage doors come with safety features that protect you, your family and your valuables. Photo-eye sensors prevent the door from closing on a small child or a pet. When the photo eyes sense any obstruction in the door’s pathway, they activate the automatic reversal feature that will send the door back toward the ceiling.

You could get a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener to connect the door to your phone. The opener will send you real-time alerts if you left the door open or if someone is trying to break into your house. This feature provides both safety and convenience benefits that can make your door’s operating system more accessible throughout the day.


Garage doors and openers make grinding or squeaking noises as they move because of wear and tear on their metal parts. Opening and closing them seems to require more effort than they did a few years ago. A new system will increase the value of your living space by providing better quality for this entryway into your home.

When you invest in a brand-new garage door, you save money on repair costs. An older, worn-out system requires additional maintenance and replacement of parts. Your new entryway unit will last you for decades, giving you a reliable, cost-effective operating system to allow you into your living space.


The cost to upgrade your garage door depends on several factors. With a custom-made unit, you can use the Clopay® Door Imagination System™ and create a door that accommodates your personality and style. You could discuss your budget and design options with a local distributor to avoid overspending.


The width of the garage will determine how much your new entryway will cost. You could have a one-car or two-car garage door, depending on what size you need.

With a roomier garage, you can either customize two single-car units or one double-car unit to access the inside of the garage. You may have to spend extra money to knock down or build a wall if you choose a system that doesn’t accommodate your home’s current structure.


When budgeting for a new garage door, you should factor in the cost of the material. You will have to pay more money to keep up the appearance of high-maintenance materials with sealants and finishes. Here are the types we have available for your entryway unit, from most affordable to most expensive.

  • Steel: As the most cost-effective, steel is sturdy and functional, but it’s prone to denting and doesn’t have natural insulation.
  • Aluminum: This material is an alternative to steel since it’s lighter and possible to insulate, but it’s sensitive to dents.
  • Composite: Wood composite is an inexpensive substitute for wood because it’s low-maintenance, but you have fewer customization options.
  • Wood: A wooden garage door is a popular choice because of its natural beauty, but it’s high-maintenance and the most expensive.


Your garage door should complement the style of your front door. While the appearance of the door doesn’t always affect the price, you will have to pay extra money if it’s custom. The most common styles available today are as follows.

  • Paneled: As the most common style, this door has panels that give it depth and dimension, and it opens in a sliding pattern.
  • Carriage house doors: This style of door has gained popularity for its luxurious appearance. It features two doors opening outward, with wood or a wood overlay and an arched top. You may also find paneled doors with hardware to make it look like a carriage door.
  • Modern doors: As an option with plenty of windows, modern garage doors feature glass and aluminum that gives your house a clean appearance.


If you’re going to get a new garage door, you should also replace your garage door opener to make sure it’s compatible with the new model. The size and horsepower of the opener will affect its price. You will need a bigger, more robust system if the door is a dense material.

For a few hundred dollars, you could get a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener so you can easily access the operating system from anywhere you have an internet connection. All the LiftMaster® garage door openers in our inventory come with Wi-Fi compatibility for easy installation.


While some materials have natural insulative properties, adding a layer of insulation to your garage door will reduce the price of your utilities each month. For an additional cost, manufacturers typically put a sheet or two of this energy-efficient insulation in the core. The higher the R-value of the insulation, the more you will have to pay, but the more you will save on your energy bills.

If your house has an attached garage, you should invest in polystyrene or polyurethane insulation so you can regulate the interior temperature of your home. Some doors also come with the option for Intellicore® polyurethane and WINDCODE® treatments if you live in a windy area.


Besides a garage door, you could increase the value of your home with other remodeling projects. When deciding which ways to remodel your house, consider the ROI of each project and the benefits they would provide. These are the top home renovations that add value.

  • A minor kitchen remodeling: Homeowners and real estate agents often consider the kitchen the focal point of the home. If you take on a small remodeling project for the kitchen, you could recoup 86.6% of the value. The key isn’t to go overboard, but to make your kitchen stand out in simple ways. Your design should blend in with the architectural style of your house. All you need to do is change out the cabinets or add a fresh coat of paint. Consider adding energy-efficient appliances to save money in utility costs over time and potentially benefit from rebates.
  • Deck addition: Outdoor living areas are becoming more attractive for potential homebuyers because they’re a smart way to maximize existing space. A wood deck addition yields an ROI of 77.1%, while a composite wood returns 70.6%.
  • Window replacement: You would know you need to replace your windows if they have damage or condensation or if you have air leaks throughout your home. Energy-efficient windows save you money in energy costs because they eliminate drafts throughout the house. A mid-range vinyl window replacement yields an ROI of 74.9%. Since a window replacement increases the energy efficiency of your home, but not necessarily the appearance, you don’t have to invest in luxurious windows to get the most out of your remodeling project.
  • Change out the siding: Replacing your vinyl siding increases the value of your house, yielding an ROI of 78%. You could paint your home for the same effect, but at a fraction of the price. Most homebuyers prefer neutral colors, like gray or beige, so try to avoid bold colors on the outside of your home.
  • Simple landscaping: Clean landscaping enhances the curb appeal of your home, inviting in potential homebuyers and guests. Laying down fertilizer and spraying weed control give you a higher resale value for your property. Elaborate landscaping projects aren’t worth the investment, so stick with low-maintenance plants and colorful flowers.
  • Bathroom addition or update: If your home only has one bathroom, adding one can increase the value of your house. Walk through your house to find any underused spaces where you could add a bathroom. You could remodel any of the bathrooms you have in your living space for an increase in property value. A remodel of your current bathroom yields an ROI of 66.1%, while an addition returns 58.9%.
  • Flooring: Homeowners favor hardwood floors because of their low maintenance and luxurious appearance. To enhance the value of your house, install hardwood flooring or refinish the wood floors you already have in your living space. While hardwood is more expensive than carpeting, it lasts longer and enhances the aesthetic of your living space. You could maintain your hardwood flooring by sweeping and vacuuming regularly and reapplying a protective finish every few years.
  • Insulation: You need new insulation if your energy expenses have increased or you have one room that’s colder or warmer than the rest of the house. Filling in new insulation will help lower your utility bills by keeping the temperature stable throughout the house. Besides installing fiberglass or spray foam insulation, a professional contractor can increase the energy efficiency of your home by checking for air leaks throughout the house and sealing cracks in your light fixtures or windows.

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