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Glass garage doors have emerged on the market as a modern take on a classic feature for homes. Some only associate them in businesses, having seen commercial glass garage doors used as space separators in trendy restaurants or at mechanics shops. This design trend, however, is moving into homes as a way to update the look of a residence and improve curb appeal. Like any major change to your home’s appearance, you must put careful consideration into both the advantages and the disadvantages of glass garage doors before making the choice that’s best for your residence.

The Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

In recent articles, we’ve outlined the benefits of wood, faux wood and steel garage doors. So today let’s look at glass garage doors as a material option for garage door design.

As we wrote previously, garage doors can be made from materials such as wood, wood lookalikes, steel, glass and more. Each product has a different price as well as certain ‘pros and cons’ depending on specific circumstances. So when you’re choosing a new garage door, decide which building material best complements your home, lifestyle, location, and budget. Keep in mind that regional weather conditions, neighborhood HOA regulations, or special city ordinances might also impact your decision.

Advantages of glass garage doors.

Glass garage door advantages include: a modern, contemporary look; the flow of natural light is enabled; scenic views are enhanced; different types of glass, colors, and frames are available; a door can be used as a partition or interior wall.

  • Contemporary – Glass garage doors definitely have a contemporary or industrial vibe. If your home’s architectural style is modern, a glass garage door will tastefully complement the look.
  • Light and View – Clean, sleek lines are hallmarks of full-view glass garage door sections. If you’re inside the garage, natural light floods inward. If you’re looking out, scenic views are enhanced.
  • Increased Privacy – If, however, you prefer less sunlight and more privacy, obscure, frosted and tinted panels are popular too.
  • Frame Colors and Materials – As a rule of thumb, glass door sections are framed with aluminum and available in painted colors, powder coatings, ‘anodized’ (protective) or wood grain finish.
  • Interior/Exterior Wall – You may have heard about glass garage doors being used, not only for the garage but as a partition or ‘moving wall’ especially in commercial settings like restaurants and bars.

Disadvantages of glass garage doors.

Some features and ‘advantages’ of glass garage doors may also prove to be ‘disadvantages’ for homeowners.

  • Too Contemporary – Many homes in the St. Louis area are traditional in style. A highly contemporary glass garage door may not fit these homes or neighborhoods.
  • Not Enough Privacy – A glass garage door will invite plenty of light inside but also creates a line of vision for friendly (and maybe-not-so-friendly!) eyes. Safety and security can be a concern.
  • Less Practical – Many homeowners feel that an all-glass garage door just isn’t ‘practical.’ When it comes to day-to-day usage, these doors are a bit more fragile and less energy efficient when compared to steel, faux wood or solid wooden doors.

Garage doors with windows as an alternative.

So if you LOVE the idea of a glass component for your garage door but your home, neighborhood and lifestyle are NOT suited for a decidedly contemporary look… what then? Many St. Louis homeowners opt for a garage door with glass windows.

What kind of windows are available? Good news! Window patterns are limitless for garage doors whether contemporary or traditional in design. And windows will dress up ANY garage door, no matter the style or material.

Window examples include:

  • Door windows might be placed across the top, down the side, or arranged in a mosaic. Likewise, two-row patterns are popular.
  • Window glass can be clear or obscured; insulated or not; standard or tempered, plain or decorative, with or without grilles… and more.
  • Feasible features for these windows include: long, tall, short, narrow, wide, squared, arched or rounded. In short, garage door window designs can be completely customized.

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s garage doors are not your parents (or grandparents) doors. There’s A LOT to choose from when it comes to material, color, design, and features like windows.
  • Style is only one aspect of choosing a door. Practical concerns are important too.
  • Compared to other garage door materials, glass doors can be less energy efficient and more fragile with considerations for privacy and security.
  • Selecting whether or not to install a glass garage door should be based on your family and lifestyle, your home’s architecture, the climate where you live, neighborhood norms, Home Owner Association rules and, of course, your budget.
  • A wonderful alternative to a full-view glass garage door is a garage door with windows for expressing traditional, carriage house or modern looks.
  • In upcoming weeks, we’ll tackle more garage door topics, So stay tuned!
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the options. Just ask the pros!

Next Steps:

Wondering whether your existing door needs to be replaced? Curious, if instead, a good cleaning, tune up or minor repairs might do the trick? Well, if you’re wondering these things, just call a reputable company. We know ALL about garage doors so you don’t have to. We’re friendly and professional too!

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