What is the purpose of a garage door sensors?

Garage door sensors are vital and an important part of the garage door system. A lot of garage door owners are not aware that garage door sensors are integral part of their garage doors.

In the early 1990s there were safety issues which were becoming more prevalent, prompting the united states federal government to require that garage doors have sensors installed from 1993. So if you have a garage door which is older than 1993 in United States and 1990 in Australia, than you should be aware that there is a safety issue which might be there on your garage door.

It is estimated that 20,000 to 30,000 people are injured each year. The purpose of garage door sensor is to adhere with safety and making sure people do not get crushed by their garage doors alongside ensuring that the garage door can open and close properly.

Are you in need of a garage door sensors repair?

If you are not being attentive to your garage door there could be a few signs that might pass you by. Some of these may already be causing trouble or in some cases it could awaiting a disaster.

Replacing parts that are still functioning may help you save some money, instead of buying brand new components.

If you are thinking that your garage door is not working as effectively as it used to before, than you should consider if it is cost-effective to repair the existing parts rather than buying new ones.

How can I check if my garage door sensors are out of alignment?

If your garage door sensors is broken. Even though that you cannot manually close your garage door, your garage door sensors have probably broken. Even if your garage door closes, there is a chance that it will get stuck halfway between closed and open.

Another way that you can tell if the garage door sensor may be broken is that if you notice that the garage door will not close, regardless of how much you press the buttons on your garage door remote or the garage door. If the garage door sensor is not aligned properly, the exterior LEDs will blink.  To tighten the bolts that are holding it in place, the garage door sensors are not aligned properly, the exterior LEDs will blink.

So what do you do if garage door sensors are out of alignment?

Firstly, the sensors would need to be cleaned and removed with the accumulated dirt. Regularly cleaning the garage door sensors using a soft cloth help solve this problem.

Second way and other ways are shown in article from wikihow is also very powerful as it shows how to align garage door sensors, please do take care when you follow the instructions and if you are not sure, please do get a professional to have it looked at.

Improper wiring or an issue with electrical may be causing an issue with the garage door sensor. You might require an assistance of a garage door professional if you are unfamiliar with your garage door system if you find that your sensor has malfunctioned. You should not attempt to repair this on your own, as you may damage your sensor and put yourself or your family in danger.

How much does it cost to replace garage door sensors?

To calculate the cost of installing garage door sensors. Firstly the requirement is to to be needing to understanding the cost of the sensors. A general rule of thumb is around $250-$400 for new sensors including technician fees.

Or another way to put the costs are, if your garage door sensors are damaged or broken, it will cost around $70 to $150 to replace the sensor, depending on the garage door type and the requirement of sensors + the labour cost which depends on location and garage door size.

After installing the sensors, it is critical to maintain them. If they are near a lot of dirt, clean them. Your sensor will work better if you maintain and align it. If you have purchased a new sensor, ask your installation specialist on information on how to care for it.



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