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A sliding garage door is not the cheapest garage access option available, but it is undoubtedly one of the best, most reliable, and most comfortable systems to operate. It is the effortless and reliable doors you can have at your house.

Is A Side-Sliding Garage Door A Good Option?

The old garage door you have had in place on your home for decades is finally starting to look a little out of place, so it is time to start looking at your options. Luckily, modern engineering in garage doors will yield you no shortage of interesting choices for your home. One type of garage door you will likely come across is a side-sliding garage door. If you’ve only ever used an overhead garage door, the snazzy operation of a side-slider is bound to pique your curiosity, but is this the best choice for your home? Here are a few things to consider.

Side-sliding garage doors can require a wider garage. 

The side-sliding garage door literally slides over and out of the way just like an overhead door. Therefore, there will have to be room for the garage door to slide over on either side of the door opening of the home. If you go with a sectional side-sliding garage door, you will need at least enough width on either side of the door to accommodate the width of the panel. For some garages, this extra space simply is not there; many more modestly sized garages only have a foot or so of space on either side of the door.

Side-sliding garage doors can require more than one garage door opener. 

Depending on the style of side-sliding garage door you choose, you may have to equip the door with more than one opener. A single-panel side-slider is of course only going to need one automatic opener to move the door panel to one side. However, doors with two panels, one on each side, you are going to need openers to power both door panels on both sides. This added need for additional automatic openers will naturally mean a higher installation price, but it is well worth it to a lot of homeowners.

Side-sliding garage doors work well for low-ceiling garages. 

If you have an older house with a garage that has a ceiling that is not all that tall, the side-sliding garage door can really be a good option. Having a garage door that is held overhead next to the ceiling when open can make the ceiling seem even shorter than what it is, especially since the door is suspended several inches or more below the ceiling. Therefore, having a side-sliding door is often the more feasible option.

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