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While they offer the same type of service, there are various types of constituents that are necessary to know before making a purchase for your garage. Some things that can vary are between the way they are built, how strong they are, and the amount of sound each produces whenever you try to open or close your garage.

Belt vs Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Of the different types of openers on the market today, the chain drive garage door opener is found in the most garages. This is mostly attributed to the fact that they are easily available in most home centers and department stores. The chain drive garage door opener is also the least expensive out of the basic three types of openers. On the top side of this spectrum is the belt drive garage door opener. When you are looking into purchasing a new garage door opener you will make a much better decision if you know the advantages and disadvantages of the different types. Here is a short comparison of both the chain drive and the belt drive, systems of garage door openers.

Speed Comparison

One of the things that many people will agree on when it comes to any type of garage door system, is that they are not very fast. There are safety reasons for this since you do not want a garage door that is going to move too fast where someone will be injured. However, there are other factors involved when it comes to the speed of a garage door opener. Most of the openers today raise and lower the door at a rate of 7 to 8 inches per second. One of the factors involved in interfering with this is the smoothness of travel. One of the disadvantages of a chain drive system is that the door tends to bounce as it moves up the rail. A belt drive system is fairly smooth, so it makes it faster than the chain drive.

Strength Comparison

One of the big factors that will decide the actual type of garage door opener you buy is the garage door itself. The weight of a common garage door is fine for any type of opener. However, customizing a garage with a wooden door, a more insulated door, or one to cover a wider area, then a chain drive is a better choice. The strength of the links will help to lift heavier doors than a belt drive. Nonetheless, the belt drive should not be counted out when customizing your garage door. The steel stands inside the rubber belt does make it very reliable for moderate-sized doors.

Noise Comparison

You will never truly get rid of noise with any opener in its original state. There are plenty of aftermarket products that will deaden the noise and reduce the vibrations caused by the motor and drive system. When comparing the chain drive garage door opener and the belt drive system you will notice that the belt drive is much quieter. The noise from the chain drive, which is made from the gearing, motor, and metal to metal contact, leaves this type of opener at a disadvantage. The belt drive does not have this type of contact, thus the belt whispers along on the rail system.

Price Comparison

A belt-driven garage door opener is going to cost consumers more than the chain drive. However, when you look at the benefits of a quieter, smooth, and durable operation, it may be worth the extra expense.

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