A Brief Guide For Turning Your Garage Into The Perfect Mancave

If your a man who doesn’t rely on his garage for sheltering his vehicles, then you’ve probably entertained the idea of converting your Brisbane Garage into a man cave. A sanctuary where you can relax, drink, and do the things that you enjoy without any kids or uninvited guests bothering you.

The dream of the man cave is one that’s existed since the first caveman and cavewoman moved into together. Only they didn’t have garages to help them with this dream. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to convert a garage into a personalized living space.


The internet is flourishing with DIY guides for almost every project conceivable. And once you’ve figured out exactly how you want your mancave to look you can use those guides in addition to your own DIY knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind mancave.

The following guide isn’t an exact science. It’s not going to break down the small details of specific installations or remodeling needs. Instead, it’s going to provide you with a broad outline of how you can go about turning your garage into your own personal clubhouse.

How To Convert Your Garage Into an Ideal Living Space

1. Clear The Canvas

If you’ve lived in the home for a few years without using the garage for vehicles, then it’s safe to assume it’s filled with random junk. That’s why the first step is always clearing everything out. It’s the least fun of all the steps, but at least you’re getting it out of the way first.

Clearing the canvas means clearing everything. You’ll need uninhibited access to the floors, walls, ceiling, and doors. Many of these areas may need to be removed, repaired, or modified in some way. How you clean out the garage and what you do with the contents is entirely up to you. As long as there is no box, bag, tire, paint can, power tool, or half-used piece of plywood left in the way.

2. Start With The Floors

Insulating the garage is going to be one of your first major projects. You absolutely don’t want to spend cold evenings in a garage that is not insulated. The floors are going to be the first area you’ll want to insulate.

In most cases, a garage floor is just a concrete slab. How you approach insulating the floors is up to you because there are a few different options. It depends entirely on how you want the floor to look once you’re finished. You may need to add a new subfloor, apply insulation, and then add wood flooring on top of that. There are also some cheaper and faster options that aren’t quite as efficient but are still acceptable if you’re not interested in wood flooring.

3. Move To The Walls

The next step is to insulate the walls. How much work the walls require will vary depending on your current situation. Some people have garages that are attached to the house and have perfectly insulated walls. If that’s you, then you have nothing to worry about unless you’re interested in changing the appearance of the walls. 

If you aren’t lucky enough to have an attached and insulated garage, then you’ll need to add insulation between your studs and then add the drywall. It’s often easier than insulating the floors but again it depends on the type of finish you want. Some people go the extra mile and add wood paneling, bricks, or stones on the inside to give it a more manly appearance.

3. Don’t Forget The Door And Ceiling

You’d be forgiven for overlooking the importance of the door and the ceiling. However, if you want a complete and unique mancave, then you should not ignore them. Finishing the ceiling isn’t much different than the walls. Throw up some drywall and then add your finishing touches.

The door is a little trickier because without the insulation it’s essentially a large gap in the wall. It can also be difficult to change the décor of a garage door on the inside. The easiest route here is to simply buy an insulated garage door that fits your desired style. In any case, it’s important that the door is insulated and fits with the rest of the theme. It’s a bonus if the door works as well.

Finishing Touches

The above three steps are essential for turning your garage into an acceptable living space. Once your walls, floors, ceiling, and door are complete you’re ready for the finishing touches. That means furniture, paint, beer signs, jerseys, and anything else that reflects your unique style. There are no real guidelines for this section because it’s all about you.

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