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The sheer choice of garage doors can be overwhelming, so knowing where to start is important. Whilst it’s tempting to think about the colour and design of your new garage door before anything else, the most sensible first step is to work out which particular type of garage door is best suited to your needs. This often begins with the opening mechanism — the way the door is opened.

Guide: Canopy Garage Doors

What is a Canopy Garage Door?

When you think of a garage door, the first type that pops into your mind is like­ly one which has an up & over canopy open­ing. It’s the most pop­u­lar type of opening mechanism and one which allows for maximum dri­ve-through width.

The ​canopy’ name comes from the fact that when the door is opened by lift­ing it up, it pro­trudes out of the door­way by about a third. This forms a canopy which provides shelter further out of the garage space. This can be use­ful if you need to work on your vehi­cle whilst it’s raining.

A canopy up & over door is compact and opens using strong tor­sion springs, which come with 5‑year guar­an­tee as stan­dard. As it’s a common opening mechanism, the canopy garage door is avail­able in a wide range of mate­ri­als and colours – check out our range of canopy doors to see the different options available to you.


  • Allows for the max­i­mum pos­si­ble dri­ve-through width
  • Sim­ple to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Avail­able in a wide vari­ety of colours and materials
  • British Stan­dard & insur­ance approved
  • Secured by Design cer­ti­fied doors avail­able (the Garador Guardian Range


  • Dif­fi­cult to inte­grate elec­tron­ic auto­mat­ic opening
  • Door takes up space at the top of the garage when open
  • Door pro­trudes out of the door­way as it is being opened and when it’s ful­ly open

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