What is the average cost of a new garage door?

Need a new garage door?

Wonder how much it’s going to set you back? Here’s some pricing information for you that will help you decide if it’s in your budget. Of course, pricing will vary by the area in which you live, or by shipping if you order online. Most garage doors costs are less expensive when you order online. However, you’ll want to make sure you know how much shipping and delivery will add to the final cost. If you won’t be installing it yourself, then add in installation costs. In some cases, buying from the company who will be completing the installation may be cheaper as well.

The expense of a new model will also depend on the material it’s made from. Steel is the least expensive and custom wood is usually the most expensive. 8’x7′ sizes made from steel start at about $600. Vinyl in the same size starts around $800. Those made from wood will start at about $1200, but that is only for composite wood. Specialty sizes and materials can range anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000. If you need a double-sized model, you can expect to pay twice as much. It’s about 10% more for 9’x7′ models and 20-25% more for 8’x8′ and 9’x8′ sizes.

How much does a new garage door cost?

To install a single new garage door it should cost between $700 and $1500. They demonstrate that the average homeowner can usually tackle such a project in a nine-hour time span and a professional will be able to complete it in roughly five hours.

For example, let’s say no sealing had been applied to the door with a coating that can resist the “Very High” UV index ratings of Brisbane, you may notice the finish beginning to peel and fade prematurely. The door itself may begin warping. If they did not offer you steel garage door options, or at least rock hard sealants for the wood of your overhead door, you may also soon discover pot marks from one of the many Brisbane hail storms. If they used inferior rollers, hardware or other parts, then they may not hold up very long to the sudden shifts in extreme heat and cold. You may discover soon that your garage door makes unusual noises and/or does not open and close properly.

Are garage doors covered by home insurance?

Not all garage door damage is covered by home insurance policies so its best to check the details in your policy.  Certain things are and others are not.

Of course, if it’s not so simple, then the company will send a qualified garage door repair technician out to take a look at things. That’s a good thing, too, because one of the reasons you shouldn’t try to fix your garage door yourself is that you might end up making matters worse. If you do end up making matters worse, it could cost you a lot more to get your garage fixed in the long run than it would have otherwise. That happens a lot. People call repair companies after trying to fix their garage themselves, and instead of actually having fixed anything, they’ve done even more damage.

Now what about custom garage doors, how much do they cost and do I really need one? Some of these garage doors can be pricey, but you really need to give this some serious thought. One car accident, while parking your vehicles in your garage, could cost the same amount of money as two custom garage doors.

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