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The garage space is one of the less revered areas in the home. For many, the garage has become a conservation site for critters and clutter. Animals and more junk always move in and nothing seems to move out. Therefore, you may be a little surprised to learn it is possible to transform your garage space into a haven for parties, an exercise room, a relaxation spot, and just about any other thing you feel like. Installing a screen on your garage door prevents animals and other uninvited guests while keeping the place well lit and fit for various purposes.

The Benefits of a Garage Door Screen

One of the major garage door screen manufacturers has a saying, “It’s not just a screen, it’s a lifestyle.” We’d have to agree. While the garage may be a utilitarian storage unit for some households, it serves entirely different purposes than when it was originally designed.

These days, garages are used as hobby shops and sports centrals; they’re used as man caves or in-law units, or they may be temporarily converted into a semi-studio for a young adult child who isn’t ready to flee the nest just yet.

In all of these cases, screen doors can go a long way towards improving the ambiance of the space, conserving energy, improving light and air flow and so on.

Five Benefits of Installing a Garage Door Screen

Garage door screens fit a wide range of garage door sizes. Once the screen is built and installed, you’ll be able to easily move it into place when your garage door is up. There are a few different garage door screens to choose from. Here are some of the most common:

  • Roll up screen doors. These are the least expensive garage door screen and are a good DIY option for homes that will rarely use the garage screen feature – perhaps only a time or two when company is visiting for the summer. They attach to the header and jambs and then a zipper or magnet system works to open and close them.
  • Retractable screen. Most retractable screens are installed using a housing system that attaches at the header. A remote control system raises and lowers the screen.
  • Sliding screen doors. These systems remain fixed in place. Your garage door remote’s additional button can be programmed to open and close the sliding screen door, or you can use a separate remote control.

Each one has its pluses and minuses. Working with a professional garage door installer will help you pick the best one for your lifestyle and needs. If you’ll be using the screen door on a regular basis, it’s worth paying for high-quality screen system so you can enjoy reliable operation day after day.

Here are five reasons we recommend installing a screen door on your garage.

  1. Expand your home’s square footage. When you convert all or a portion of your garage into a living space, you instantly gain square footage. This space will come in handy when you’re hosting a party or large gathering while hosting out-of-town guests, or for providing additional space for adolescents and teens to be ‘home’ with their friends while still retaining a bit of autonomy (while you preserve a bit of piece).
  2. Energy efficiency. By opening up the garage, and using a screen door, you eliminate the need for a portable A/C system or multiple fans. You’ll benefit from air flow and cooler evening- and night-time temperatures. This will save energy, and reduce seasonal cooling costs.
  3. Protection from flying insects. Without a full garage remodel, you can still wind up with a stuffy and cave-like atmosphere in the warmer months, and a screen-free, open garage puts you and your guests at the mercy of flying insects, critters and neighborhood pets. With a screen in place, you can enjoy your garage all day long – even with lights on after sunset – no need for a bug zapper, the pungent odor of citronella or copious insect repellant.
  4. Keep your garage clean. When a garage door is open, the slightest breeze can blow leaves, dirt, pollen, dust and debris into the space. In addition to creating a messy garage, this is all the stuff you want to keep away from your home’s interior, the garage door track and its greased mechanical parts.
  5. Improve security. If you like to leave your garage door open when you’re at home, the screen door is a perfect way to add an extra barrier between its contents and potential thieves that want to make a quick grab. They know that taking the time to open up a screen creates that much more noise, motion and attention – so the screen acts as a deterrent.

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  1. Daniel de Mesa

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    hi i am simon
    i found your site on the net my cousin sent me a sms after talking about over a drink.
    i am blown away as i have been racking my brain how to leave door open and contain my two dogs .
    i have a fairly wide roller door and higher than usual is there a limit on the width and hieght and do you ship to western australia or have somebody overhere
    centre to centre of rails is 5660approx and height is 2700aprrox.
    thanks Simon

  3. Pete singh

    Dear sales,

    I have a standard double door garage with 5 panel height garage door. Can I request for a quote for the supply and install this retractable garage door screen. I am located in Kallangur, Queensland

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    I’m interested in the garage screen door, I have a single door 2400mm wide by 2180mm high ( 5 panels high) I’m in the Newcastle area, can I get a quote to supply and install please.

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    Would like estimate on the garage door screens please. Looking to run business from garage and would like more of a shop front look .

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    Would like estimate on the garage door screens door size is 2300H x 5220W supply only I can install include freight to victoria 3355.

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    Looking for a quote to one side of a double garage…we fixing to make one side into a room for our son as he needs to help our with the family… . Standard garage.. please 0423534265

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    I Would like estimate on the garage door screens please, for a double garage. Looking to run my business from the garage and would like more of a shop front look .
    Supply only, include freight to Sydney 2752, We can install
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