Organizing your garage is not a single-day activity. It is a combination of different ideas that you ultimately implement to make sure that the garage doesn’t look messy. The garage is where you keep your precious car. It deserves some care and maintenance to keep that thing of beauty well-protected at all times.


Organizing Your Garage – Best Tips

Most people think that organizing their garage is not a tough task. Most garage door designs allow you to become very creative in best approaching the task.  However, they quickly run out of ideas after a few minutes. If you are one of those, who can’t think of innovative ways to organize your garage, follow this guide.

1. Install wire shelves

It doesn’t matter whether your garage is small or spacious. You would love to move around freely without hitting hammers or other tools along the way. The best way to maximize the storage space in your garage is by installing wire baskets, shelves, and hooks. These not only save a lot of space but are also inexpensive. You won’t have to pile up the tools in one box or keep them stacked in the corner.

2. Use a hanging cabinet for car care products

Hanging cabinets can keep any room organized, and your garage is not an exception. You can keep all your car care products, such as fluids and auto lubricants, in the cabinet. This will also prevent them from falling and leaking on the floor. Make sure you have a door for the cabinet. It won’t cost a fortune but will surely keep the garage neat and clean for years.

3. Keep canvas storage bags handy

The garage often becomes a storeroom for used Christmas trees and decorations. These will soon accumulate dust and dirt that makes the garage dirtier. The decorations also invite a lot of insects and pests from the nearby trees. Don’t let that happen. Your garage is not a storeroom. If you don’t have a choice but to keep these things in the garage, use canvas storage bags, and tuck them in the corner. Canvas storage bags are available in various sizes. They can fit seasonal decorations easily.

4. Install a long-handle tool rack

Most people keep long-handled tools like shovels, sledgehammers, rakes, and other similar tools in their garage. But instead of keeping them here and there, it would be better to have a long-handle tool rack on the wall. It’s not something you would have to buy from the market. You can even make this rack using spare wood and a few hooks. Keeping the tools on the floor will only increase the risk of getting injured.

5. Keep ladders in the corner

Every garage should have a ladder. It does not necessarily mean you need to get on top of your car, but ladders have a variety of uses at your home and in the garden. It is not ideal to keep the the ladder in your house. So, when you keep it in the garage, make sure you pick the far corner. Don’t keep anything in front of the ladder. Nothing will break if the ladder falls suddenly in your absence.

6. Keep a bin for cleaning fabrics

You may want to wipe the car and make it look shiny before taking it out for a ride. Most people use a cotton cloth as it is soft and can absorb dust to a great extent. If you have a few clothes like that, make sure you keep them in a bin. Don’t throw them around once you finish cleaning.

Organizing your garage not only means keeping everything in place; it also means keeping the garage clean. In fact, you will feel encouraged to keep things in their rightful places once you see the garage organized.




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