The most common rollup door problems arise from various different aspects of the roller door in this article we cover various different aspect of rollup doors and how certain common Rollup door problems can cause issues with Rollup door.

Rollup doors shield buildings from the elements and intruders and they also improve the aesthetics of your property. In addition, they keep your stores stock out of sight. It is important to note that these capabilities are dependent on the door functioning properly. Rollup door security may be compromised by a variety of typical issues. Over time, even the best roll-up doors can have problems from things like rust and wear and tear.

Knowing the most prevalent problems, how to troubleshoot a commercial rollup door, and when to call a professional are all crucial in dealing with these issues. If your companies infrastructure is in good shape, you will not have to worry about productivity and revenue taking a hit.

You need a commercial roll-up door to work well in your warehouse or store if you want to keep your business running smoothly. The easiest approach to avoid typical problems with a commercial roll-up door (apart from buying a high-quality door) is with expert installation.

The installation of a roll-up door requires strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, problems might still develop after some time has passed, even if the installation was done correctly. Common problems with commercial roll-up doors are discussed further below.

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What are most common Rollup door problems?


Noisy garage door is one of the most common Rollup door problems. If garage door is making noises that is a sign of an underlying problem. Scratching or squeaking noise could be an indicator and it one of most common rollup door problem, there is an article that we wrote which explains the reasons of noisy garage door which is in this link.



Troubleshooting commercial overhead doors is often necessary after a power outage. One should recognise the difference between an ordinary blackout and a special one. If the building still has power but the garage door does not open, check the circuit breakers. Your door might get stuck in either the open or closed position if this occurs.

It is also possible that the wall switch or remote you’re using is malfunctioning, or that the wiring in your home isn’t up to par. Turn off the power before trying any repairs or troubleshooting if you suspect a problem with the wiring.

Power Source issues are second most common rollup door problem

Common Rollup door problem

Broken cable needs to be taken extra care, if it is seen, it is better to call a professional at GarageServicePros


Barriers can take the form of solid things or even microscopic ones like dust and dirt. No theory can be ruled out during the search for the cause of your rollup doors inability to open or close. It does not take long for dust and dirt to accumulate and become caked on filth, preventing your door from functioning properly.

If there is a physical barrier in the way, like a stray object, it may be cleared out without any trouble. Scrubbing away filth and dirt will take a little more time and energy.

Ensuring that the door is cleaned from the side will ensure that there is nothing obstructing from opening or closing and will get rid of one of the most common rollup door problem.


Aged parts can cause rollup door problems and can make it difficult to operate, so you’ll need to replace them eventually. Overhead door components such as torsion springs and bearings are always vulnerable to wear and strain.

Torsion springs regulate the opening and closing of several door types and can survive very high numbers of cycles (up to 50,000). Eventually, though, they deteriorate, and the environment may play a role in this. To give just one example, they are more prone to rust when exposed to high humidity. Knowing when the torsion spring is at fault is useful whether you’re looking to make a little modification or do a complete replacement.

Torsion spring replacement should only ever be attempted by a trained technician and we have very sound experts at GarageServicePros who will be able to provide that.

The door’s end-bearing plates are also susceptible to wear and tear. These bearings carry the load of the spring and the door itself. After some time, they may start to grind, making the roll-up door harder to operate and noisier. An out of alignment door might be caused by end bearing plates that have seen better days due to wear and tear. To check for wear around the end-bearing plates, look for any black dust or powder that may suggest metal grinding against metal.


Rollup door problems can also arise from malfunctioning rollup doors components which are misaligned. A door that scrapes against the guides can cause property damage and peel the paint off the panels if the hoods, fascias, and tracks aren’t aligned properly or the guides are too tight. The functionality and appearance of the door are both compromised. One issue is easier to fix than two or more, thus it’s best to avoid this type of situation if feasible.

Additionally, rust can throw off a doors alignment, which often occurs when the track corrodes. Your rollup doors smooth operation on its tracks may suffer from rust’s deteriorating effects. There may be a chain reaction affecting other parts of the system if the rails were to become misaligned. It’s possible the curtain could be scuffed up on this crooked course, or the motor will overheat from having to work more than usual.


If your electric rollup door is stuck, the problem might be with the motor. The complexity of motors makes it impossible to isolate the source of the problem without the assistance of a trained specialist. Before contacting for help, you may check the motor by turning off the door and the electricity if necessary.

While total motor failure is more obvious, you may also have problems when the motor is out of phase with the control mechanism. Problems with the sensors are another prevalent issue with motorised door systems. Your overhead door’s ability to recognise obstacles, and so reverse or halt in response to their presence, will be compromised.


Extra force on your door’s springs increases the likelihood that they may snap. Incorrect tension also makes your door more difficult to operate, which might be contributing to your problems. Because of the excessive tension in the springs, the door becomes both tough too close and simple to open. If you set it too low, it will be hard to open and very simple to close.

The best course of action if you feel this is the case is to have a professional do a rollup door tension adjustment.